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1 Sweet Red Pepper - sliced lengthwise

1 Green pepper - sliced lengthwise

1 yellow zucchini sliced in 1/4" rounds

1 green zucchini sliced in 1/4" rounds

1 red onion cut in 8ths

2 portabella mushrooms - sliced or 10 shiitake mushrooms sliced

1 small hot pepper chopped or 6 hot pickled banana pepper slices- chopped

4 garlic cloves - minced or 1 tsp. chopped garlic

2 tbsp. sesame oil

Juice of 1/2 lemon

2 tsp. ginger

1 tsp. salt

I got playing in the kitchen one night at a friends house with a very handsome man who owned a really great  bistro.  It was one of those bachelor pads with very few supplies in the pantry.  We had great fun trying to put something tasty together for dinner.  This is the outcome.  It's become a favourite of mine and I serve it with just about anything.

Serves:  4

Heat sesame oil in a large sauté pan.  Add garlic, hot peppers, mushrooms and onions. Sauté for about 2 mins.  Add red peppers, green peppers, zucchinis, ginger and salt and sauté until almost tender.  Add more sesame oil if needed.  Squeeze lemon juice over top and toss.  Serve immediately